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"People often say that motivation doesn't Last. Well, neither does bathing
That's why we recommend it daily!" ~ Zig Ziglar


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The word "motivation" would simply defined as a medium to
provide an incentive for an individual to move to action or impel
towards achieving one's desired or intended goals.

At Motivational quotes 4u dot com, we continuously gather
and sample all known motivational quotes and inspirational
quotes for you to fuel your desire and increase your energy level
towards achieving your desired goals or successes in life.

Motivational Quotes and Inpirational Quotes by Category

Ability Quotes (40)

Achievement and Accomplishment Quotes (49)

Action Quotes (48)

Ambition, Desire Quotes (23)

Attitude Quotes (45)

Business Quotes (10)

Challenges Quotes (8)

Change Quotes (19)

Character Quotes (51)

Commitment Quotes (32)

Confidence Quotes (18)

Consistency Quotes (13)

Courage, Fear Quotes (32)

Decision Quotes (10)

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Motivational Quotes and Inpirational Quotes by Author

Abraham Lincoln Quotes (7)

Albert Einstein Quotes (43)

Alexander Graham Bell Quotes (9)

Anthony Robbins Quotes (47)

Aristotle Quotes (26)

Benjamin Disraeli Quotes (28)

Benjamin Franklin Quotes (34)

Bob Proctor Quotes (7)

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